The ISO 14001 workshop was successfully launched in 2008 in partnership with Green Enterprise Toronto, Partners in Project Green, supported by CSA & GTA

Two choices:  public and on-site company workshops

Public workshops occur at various intervals, announced in various media. On-site company workshops have the flexibility of being available any time, and the cost is the same regardless of the number of participants. The new ISO 14001:2015 is especially
important to learn now that it is implemented by more and more companies and

The workshop addresses the money, time, and know-how obstacles head-on:

This is a one day workshop with follow-up consultation. It is intense, hands-on, and fast paced. All the deliverables are covered, and you walk out with your own ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Document. Follow-up consultation and coaching are in place to finalize it and ensure a quality result is achieved.

For people who cannot take time out during the day, the workshop is delivered
over two consecutive evenings. These workshops are also available to individuals
who want ISO 14001:2015 on their resume, and the confidence that goes along with
gaining ISO 14001 expertise.

The public workshop cost is geared to small business at an affordable price. The on-site company (also one-day) workshop is similarly inexpensive –  depending on the size of the business – when compared to the thousands of dollars that a business must spend to use outside consultants to get certification.

The company’s ISO 14001 document is created during the workshop. The system is easy
to understand and create, with excellent instruction and coaching.

How the workshop works

You bring your own laptop, or USB where computers are available.
Each participant brings their laptop and downloads the ISO 14001 system template. The actual system is created during the workshop, following the instructor’s direction and aided with a Power Point presentation and other tools. A case study is used to demonstrate a real case company experience.

Customized to each organization’s needs
Participants fill out the template and create the system document. The ISO 14001 solutions are specifically customized to individual company needs.

Learn by doing
Applying the ISO 14001 system hands-on really drives home how it actually works, and it is easy to follow and retain. By the end of the workshop participants acquire working knowledge and lasting expertise, and their learning is applied to the real world.

There is individual coaching throughout the day to ensure each participant creates a solid Environmental Management System. In an in-house workshop there is coaching to the entire team if one is assembled to create the company system. Participants sign up for follow-up consultation and coaching, included in the cost. This is designed to ensure each system is robust, and ready for self-declaration upon start of implementation.

Tangible results
At the end of the day participants have a good understanding of ISO 14001, they own the system, and have a solid base to start implementation. The ISO 14001 document includes all the required ISO 14001 elements. Follow-up consultation ensures that all that is needed
in the system is indeed present, and this follow-up consultation is included in the workshop package.

Take-home materials
The electronic system and documentation binder, case study, standard support and link document, and other support materials and certificate of completion are supplied.

Using the ISO conformance logo
After a first period of implementation, a company/organization can identify itself
as practicing ISO 14001:2015 by an identifier such as ISO 14001:2015 on its premises,
website, business cards, promotional materials, events, and all communication. For
those continually helped by greenmark, they are listed on the greenmark third party
registry on an ongoing basis.