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Improve your ability to meet increasing expectations: get the ISO 14001 advantage in a one day workshop – the practical way to green your business!

Gain credibility and enhance your reputation with ISO 14001, the Canadian and International  Standard.

Achieve operational efficiencies and excellence in tracking, resulting in saving money and resources.

Keep it simple by using a system that really fits your needs

Why now?
Increasingly stringent government regulations:

  • Waste, water, chemical disposal penalties
  • Carbon emissions tracking and reporting
  • Looming carbon taxes

Customers have new demands (S.R.P):

  • Stricter purchasing criteria
  • Review of suppliers
  • Push for greener products and services

Competitors are not standing still:

  • Savvy organizations know sustainability is here to stay
  • The potential for savings is not lost on managers
  • New initiatives are taking place at a fast pace

Stakeholders are more involved than ever:

  • Employees often drive sustainability initiatives
  • Peers, suppliers, consumers, look at the company green profile
  • Shareholders and stakeholders expect sustainable practices

The obstacles:

Time    Money   Know-How  are always an issue:
how long does it take, how much will it cost, what method to use?

The solution:

The ISO 14001 workshop: fast, inexpensive,
easy to do, gets you recognition.
ISO 14001 gives organizations the opportunity to self-declare conforming to ISO 14001 as the no. 1 option, ahead of certification.  The ISO 14001 workshop makes it happen.